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"I work with people to build their reputation and confidence. I help them to be engaging and influential. They face that important audience and they achieve results."



Margo coaches executives from Fortune 500 companies, including a Boss Magazine Executive of the Year. Clients include Chevron, Shell, Wesfarmers, BHP Billiton, Woodside, RAC, Crown Casino, Bunnings, FMG and AngloGold Ashanti.

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Margo works with executives to accelerate their performance through influential communication. This is achieved through a careful assessment of how a person is performing and how they might grow in their ability to engage and lead key audiences toward important business outcomes.

Whether you are an emerging or established leader you will:

  • Increase your impact and influence – within your industry and organisation.
  • Gain greater engagement and buy in – from board members, peers, clients and followers.
  • Develop your true potential – increase confidence, skills and personal leadership style.

Advanced people skills development helps you refine your communication strategies with key audiences inside your organisation, your industry and your market place. Make the most of every communication opportunity whether it is in a formal, business or social context.

  • Confidential, individual coaching sessions
  • Onsite, offsite or Online, business or after hours
  • One off sessions or a structured program

Benefit from a structured 360 Feedback program with input from trusted peers and associates to enable strategic changes in your communication style. 360 Feedback can help rapidly accelerate your career, develop your leadership and increase your organisation’s results.  These insights will help you focus your efforts on the specific communication issues that drive effectiveness and business outcomes.

Every keynote speech, media briefing, board presentation and conference paper is a chance to advance your career and your business. Personal coaching from award winning presenter Margo Halbert can help you prepare thoroughly and approach important presentations with confidence. Gain valuable insights about your key message, delivery and style, and insider tips and techniques to help deliver with impact.


What is it like to be coached by Margo Halbert?
These client interviews explain how Margo approaches her work and the results her clients have achieved.

Anita Percudani

Anita Percudani

Realmark Real Estate

“Margo empowered me with so much more than just understanding how to put together a presentation. It is a more holistic type of professional growth.”

Stuart Forrester


“If you communicate well, you can lift engagement levels within your organisation tenfold”

Stuart Forrester
Lorena Paglia

Lorena Paglia

LVP Consulting

“The reality is your personality is what makes you good at what you do, and defines what you do well. Margo’s approach makes it easy to use your own style at the same time she provided high calibre coaching and advice.”

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